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What Makes Hawaii Famous?

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Hawaii is the 50th state of America and is a world-renowned vacation spot. It is known for the lush flora and fauna across its white and sandy beaches lining the beautiful islands. There are a lot of things which contribute to the ethnicity of the state with delicious cuisine and traditional luau celebrations, beautiful natives and a lot of adventure activities like snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, fishing, hiking, and camping. This state welcomes a lot of visitors every year. Its topographic variations have been the choice for various film and TV series directors. Before you plan your trip to this beautiful island, there are many things which you might want to know. The things which make Hawaii a tropical paradise.

The Local Cuisine

There is a lot to savor on your visit to this island ranging from the Kona coffee which is the native coffee of the place and is one of the world’s most expensive coffee. You can experience the Hawaiian fusion in the food here. Hawaiians like their Spam musubi which is comfort food for them and is consumed on large scale here. Approximately six million cans of processed pork are consumed on the island with five cans for each person.

Luau Celebration

This is one of the indigenous things of the island. It is all about luau celebration. It is a tradition of the communal fest in the outdoor setting. Its history sets back to the time when both men and women eat together at this festival. It boasts of the traditional Hawaiian music and delicious food like Kalua pig, poi, salmon, and beers. It marks the end of the religious taboo of men and women not taking the dinner together in 1819.

Vacation Centre

It is a mix of six islands which has something different to offer for both the tourists and the locals. Some of the popular destinations include the Kauai, which is nature lovers’ paradise with Wailua River and Poipu Beach. The river is the only navigable river in Hawaii and the beach is one of the best beaches in America. Oahu is another popular destination and is home to professional surfers. Another island is Maui which has historical place Lahaina which is good for whale watching. Also, there is the Haleakala National Park.

It is a little wonder of America and has earned itself the name of ‘Paradise of Pacific’.

Film & TV Series’ Favorite Location


It has been on the list of the famous movie and TV series directors for a long time because of the best of the islands, beaches, and nature. Indeed, it has shown presence in innumerable movies and shows from Jurassic Park to Lost TV series. This is has led to a better name of the island paradise and added to the credibility.

Scenic Beauty

Stunning landscapes are for sure soothing to the eyes of the visitors. It is guaranteed that once you visit Hawaii, you are likely to be stunned with the best of the natural landscape. It is home to the national parks, natural parks and iconic landscapes like Kualoa Ranch on Oahu. It is famous for the Jurassic Park. Then there is the highest location in Hawaii that is Mauna Kea which is even higher than Mount Everest.

Sports Activities

It is nothing to be surprised if you hear Hawaii as sports enthusiasts’ paradise. It is home to some of the great suffers because of the big waves and turquoise blue waters. It is not just the surfing which gets visitors in huge numbers to this place, there are many sailing spots as well. The reefs and the corals attract the snorkellers and the scuba divers to the archipelago. It is home to some of the best marine species and the soil is fertile because the currents are cut by the islands.

Lovely Weather

It is situated in the southernmost area of the USA and is in the tropics. This means that the temperature is in mid-range throughout the year. The temperature is constant and there is less humidity which makes it’s favorable for the tourists around the year. Every island boasts of their own weather but still on a whole it is a good place to be at any time of the year.

Culture & People

There are a diverse culture and tradition in the state and is the reason for being one of the famous places to visit. The indigenous Polynesian people live through the archipelago. The Polynesian culture has been influential with luau being organized on a child’s first birthday or love for surfing. The Hawaiian culture shows the love for the food and the mix of different cuisines from different parts of the world.

The Traditional Dance

The Hula dance has gained fame over the period of time and Hawaiian trip is not complete without mentioning it. It is an important part of their culture and is the major reason to draw the tourist to the island.

These reasons are enough for you to get your trip planning to Hawaii and enjoy the famous things there.

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